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Viña Zaco Albariño, a fragrant, fresh, and aromatic white wine with citrus and floral notes.

Grape growing in Rías Baixas, located in Galicia, North west of Spain, benefits from the Atlantic influence and a training system known as ‘Parra’.

Vines grown “en parra” can attain the impressive length of 600 feet. This growing method offers ideal ripening conditions.

Viña Zaco is all hand-harvested and results from an innovative winemaking process. The varietal is vinified in 3 differentiated ways in order to elaborate a modern and unique coupage:

  • Classic fermentation in order to stand out the fruit of the varietal -citric skin, green apple, floral – giving the wine freshness and vivacity, typical from Salnés Valley.
  • Malolactic fermentation: the fruit is riper, with less acidity and more complexity.
  • Left for several months on its lees before being bottled. This process results in added complexity in the wine.

This winemaking method gives the wine complexity, an unctuous mouthfeel and great freshness.

The “Parra”, a wine growing feature, unique to Rías Baixas

Viña Zaco Albariño is a sumptuous and refreshing wine. Attractive pale yellow color with intense lemon yellow hues. On the palate, this wine combines great acidity and hints of minerals, reminiscent of the Rías Baixas and its Gallic fishermen.

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The Varietal: Albariño

The Albariño Variety is the main varietal of Rías Baixas. Albarino makes up for 90% of all grapes planted in the region, giving rise to one of the most popular white wines in the world. This grape is characterized by its intense, fruity aroma and its acidic taste, providing the wine with depth and a light, delicious flavor.

The world’s best known and acclaimed Spanish white varietal

Wine & Food Pairing

Viña Zaco Albariño is refreshing and offers great acidity.

It pairs great with light fairs, pasta and rice dishes, and any seafood.

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